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 Mokoro Trips
Become part of the bustling river life by easing between the papyrus
clad banks on traditional ‘mokoro' canoes. These are propelled from
the stern by skilled poler guides, allowing the guests to sit back and
absorb the scenery. For full day trips, Crocodile Camp prepares
delicious picnic lunches which can be enjoyed on the banks of the
river after a bush walk and refreshing swim in the natural delta pools.

Scenic Flights
Our two 6-seater aeroplanes are on stand-by, giving guests the
opportunity to see the delta tapestry, complete with herds of wildlife
and mesh of meandering waterways, from a bird's eye-view. For
the especially adventurous, learn how to fly in a day and spend
45 minutes in the left hand seat over the delta!

Overnight Moremi and Delta excursions
To get a taste of the swamplands and the budding intrigues that unfold for
explorers, Crocodile Camp organises overnight or three day adventures
into the delta. Night drives, motor boat cruises and camping can be
arranged at relatively short notice for guests who prefer to see
where their African foray leads them on a day to day basis, rather
than pre-booking a fully fledged safari.

Horse Riding in Maun
A great way to enjoy the abundant birdlife along the Thamalakane river
flood plains, horse riding can be arranged for groups with fair to
good riding experience.


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